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Lessons & Programs


Lisa is the consummate teacher- not just with the mechanics of riding, but the skills of old school horsemanship which build life skills such as confidence, emotional intelligence, care and responsibility for others, and a love of nature.  Lisa has learned from old stable hands and trainers on two continents, and has been trained by some of the top riders "back in the day".  With over 40 years of experience with horses and farming, Lisa is looking to share her knowledge and skills with the next generation!


With the new location for the farm, she plans to bring back old-style horsemanship; teaching general riding skills (english or western- we all start with the same foundation), stable and farming skills to the community by offering affordable lessons and lesson packages, as well as seminars and farm community awareness programs.


  • Lead line lessons (age 5-9)

  • Beginner horseman/riding lessons

  • Adult lessons

  • Hunt seat equitation

  • Western games

  • Horsemanship skills

  • Community programs

  • Birthday parties

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