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Young Horse Training.  Specializing in Foal Training from Pre-birth to when your grown foal goes to his/her trainer for starting.  Foals have unique personalities that are formed by their mama's, their handlers, and their experiences- both positive and negative.  We specialize in working with "problem" foals, and innovating to help these little ones get the best start on life.  Our unique Weanling Pre-saddle training introduces the foundations for saddle and bridle work early.  A Six to Eight Week weaning/weanling program, we pair foal weaning (or recent weaning) with slow and gentle introduction to the foundational concepts of something in their mouths, and something on their backs, as well as yielding to pressure and concepts behind moving forward when asked and backing up. Concepts behind accepting and creating a willing and productive learning environment, our foals learn at their own pace, supported by us.


Marecare & Mare Management.  We offer Marecare services, pre-foaling desensitization, pre-foaling nutritional evaluation and care, as well as Breeding management for complicated or trouble mares.  Our repro vet is excellent, and we have worked closely with him since 2003 helping several mares bring foals into the world.  We are excited about each and every life, and are excited about sharing our experience with our mare owners!


Stud Management & Breeding Training.  We offer Stallion Management and Training for Breeding.  Specializing in both live cover and phantom training, we work with our collection vets, and our stallions to tailor a young stallion training plan unique to his needs and his owner's developmental goals.  Stallions have different management needs, and we specialize in manners-training towards your goal of future breeding, both inside the breeding shed and outside.


Pre-Saddle Training.  Pre-saddle work begins well before you bring your two year old to the Trainers for starting.  Our yearling training program is a 10  week introductory program that introduces your yearling (depending on maturity, can be done from yearling to three years, but prior to starting) to all the things he/she will be experiencing when they get started so your trainer already has a solid basis from which to start, and your foal has learned that these concepts are natural incorporations into daily life. Tailoring the program to your horse's future vocation, we introduce him/her to nearly everything he will be experiencing before he is started and needs to learn to carry a rider.  Groundwork is the foundation for saddlework, and we believe in starting babies slowly and naturally from foal to starting.  Contact us for more information on our program and your horse's unique needs.


Remarquez Stud Services.  We proudly offer Stud services for our Frame Overo and Dominant White Thoroughbred stallion, Remarquez.  For pictures of his foals and him, please visit his page.


Boarding.  Our facility is in the process of being built.  The excellent location provides for convenient Boarding for your horse.  Spaces opening up in Spring 2022!  Self care and full care field and limited stall options.

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Lessons & Community Programs.  Lessons on general riding and horsemanship as well as community-based seminars and programs available.  Now accepting new students for spring/summer of 2022 lesson program.  Contact us to get on our wait list!

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