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Colordale Farm specializes in young horse training, recognizing that their first interactions are the most crucial. Learning to overcome fear and learn to trust serves as the foundation for future lessons.  Most of our handling begins with the mare at the start of the last trimester of their pregnancy, and continues with mare and foal paired until weaning. This time allows for a lot of good habits to transfer from his or her dam and environment.

-3 months to 6 months


Weanlings are slightly less impressionable than young foals having formed many of their interactions WITH mom, but are an absolute gift to work with. They can handle longer sessions and more changes slowly over time, and have a new curiosity refreshingly absorbing things like sponges. The beginning of their experiences with the world away from the comfort of their dams begin here, and bond you build are priceless. 

6 months to 12 months


After the good foundation we give to foals and weanlings, we lay the foundation in the yearling year for their future performance.  Whether their owners want them to jump or dressage, trail ride, or western sports; we introduce a solid foundation for under saddle through naturally integrating new experiences with routine items.  Whether your yearling already has our previous handling or not, we slowly and properly turn out our youngstock.

12 months to 36 months

Training youngstock is our Specialty here at Colordale Farm.  "Bringing up baby from Day 1" to know and understand our world from the start by integrating new experiences into every day life.  We integrate normal horse handling and management into daily life so they know and understand what is expected.  We work with and handle our young horses daily so everything is 'normal' from leading/loading to automatic water training, to making sure 'scary' bags aren't so scary!  Specialized handling/training can be targeted to problem areas, and whether your foal or young horse has experienced some tough stuff or not, our methods have proven time and again to identify and reset behaviors from a young age before they are cemented and you get a 1500 lb horse with issues.  Whether you get a Colordale foal, whether you need our expertise with your young horse, or whether you are looking to train your young horse to show in hand, let our expertise work for you! 

Contact us for 2022 calendar for pre-season in hand show clinics and our young horse clinics! 

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